Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colors Within

Look at me

Look at you

Now, look at me

Look at you,

You look at me, and I don’t know what you see
But what I do know is what you don’t see.
I am just like you.
You are just like me.
Are you black?
Me too.
Are you white?
Me too.
We are brown, yellow and turquoise, too.
Because whatever humans do,
Since beginning of time,
They mix their colors and shine,
In bright, and dark, and medium, and extra large, and midget sized,
There is only one power that supervised
The journey of us,
Lil’ seeds in the wind.
Under all your layers of skin
You’ve got a red heart, a multi-colored Soul
and beauties across the spectrum, within.

Look at you.

A Poem by Miro Heyink, April 2010

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